Chipmunk N7DW was awarded a Bronze Lindy as the EAA Vintage Aircraft “Custom Classic” Champion during AirVenture Oshkosh 2015!  This was a huge honor.  It recognized the workmanship of the rebuild but also, I believe, its historical significance and classic look “golden age” beauty of this unique Super Chipmunk.

It occurs to me this award may look curious to people not familiar with Oshkosh. It’s called a “Lindy” named for Charles Lindbergh, with an image of him in his Spirit of St Louis flying garb.

The rebuild was completed just in time for AirVenture Oshkosh 2014, where it was awarded EAA Vintage Outstanding Custom Classic Aircraft.  Yep, same shirt from one year to the next!

N7DW was also awarded top Custom Classic Aircraft in 2015 by the Potomac Aero Squadron of the Antique Aircraft Association.

Chippy and I have also been competing in International Aerobatic Club regional contests, where the focus is on precise aerobatic flying, very different from airshow flying!  Both are challenging and great fun! And also make for great friendships and adventures.