Gosney Ryan 7
John Gosney’s Ryan STA

With its elegant tasteful livery and stylish checkerboard bottom wing motif, Classic Airshows Super Chipmunk carries on the tradition of low-wing tandem style first set by the 200 Ranger STA of John Gosney. Mark Meredith’s classic DHC-1 Chipmunk airframe is a retro mashup of the Super Chipmunks flown by such greats as Hal Krier, Art Scholl and Skip Volk, and Gosney’s STA stylings.


Harold Krier’s Super Chipmunk

The airshow experience delivered by Mark is a unique respite from and complement to the rapid-fire, high-energy routines of the modern carbon fiber aerobatic wonder weapon. It’s refreshingly old-school, a flowing display of energy management and aerobatic mastery, harkening back to a salient period in American aerobatics. Distinct from the muscle and smoke biplanes, hummingbirds on amphetamines and all but a handful of current airshow act choices, the Super Chippy will be a welcome addition to any airshow lineup, especially as an opener. At once lyrical and entrancing, this display will be the talk of your airshow.

Flying shows as a Spitfire-sleek single seater with the front cockpit covered, it is easily converted to a two seat configuration offering press day rides, a valuable asset to any airshow director. Round out your presentation by booking the nostalgic entertainment of Mark Meredith in the Super Chippy.



ACT DESCRIPTION: Airstart beginning with a dive from 2000′ to 1000′.  Loud, with the throaty sound of 6 straight pipes.  Fast entry with lots of engine smoke, pull to vertical, rolls and humpty bump followed by hammerhead.  Show emphasizes graceful old-school aerobatics (not snappy maneuvers or tumbles).  Sequence stays within 1200′ AGL from top to bottom, including loops/avalanche, half Cuban, cloverleaf, slow rolls, barrel roll, inverted, hammers and spins.  Show can include music if the airshow is equipped.

START: In the Air
END: Exit in the air
REFUELING: 100LL, 15 gal per performance, 34 gal refill after airshow completion
ENGINE OIL:  Aeroshell 15w50:  1 quart per performance
SMOKE OIL:  7 gal per performance

Announcer Notes

Chipmunk N7DW Emergency Egress Plan